Library Webs present an online educational learning tool providing an Internet Library with thousands of carefully selected links for educational institutions. 

The database is arranged in numerical order in topics with sub-sections. Users can search the database on a keyword search basis, or go straight into the topics. Topics have been chosen that relate directly to assignment topics in Australian secondary schools.

Library Webs are constantly being updated and upgraded. Sites are regularly checked for currency; dead links are removed and replaced. New sections and topics are being added as global events unfold and topical issues emerge.

Library Webs are simple to use. No complex strategies or sophisticated research skills are required to access the information. The Advanced Search tool allows users to refine their enquiry. All the resources are found under the designated topic.

Benefits to Teacher-Librarians

 Teacher-Librarians using Library Webs will not have to spend hours searching for sites and creating web pages and they will not have to worry about dead links.  Teacher-Librarians using Library Webs will have more time to do what they do best – assisting students and teachers to find the right information at the right time.

Benefits to Teachers

Teachers using Library Webs know that an extensive Internet library is immediately available and that they do not need to spend their own time finding resources for their students. During research lessons, teachers are assured that their students are accessing only the best quality sites on the Web and that time is not being wasted on futile or misdirected searches.  Most topics have sections just for teachers containing lessons plans and online activities.

Library Webs resources can be used as a support to study units or as the central focus to a unit of work. Because of the division of each topic into sections, Library Webs provide a unique set of resources for group work, and offer a scaffolding tool for in-depth study.

Benefits to Students

Students using Library Webs have immediate access to authorative Internet resources and are able to stay focused on their learning outcomes, without the distraction of all the extraneous material which clutters up the Internet.

Library Webs assist students to learn independently. Students are guided to sites which have been selected for their quality, accuracy, reliability and relevance. Students have room to explore topics broadly or to study in depth. The sites presented by Library Webs are always in context, so students are aware of how their facet of study fits into the broader framework of the subject.

Library Webs present students with a choice of resources, which caters for the wide variety of learning styles and learning abilities found in secondary schools.

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