Library Webs offer a number of convenient subscription options from partial to full subscriptions. Our technology allows you to subscribe to what you require. For subscription enquiries go to the contact us page or click here

  1.  Full subscription

  2. Group subscription

  3. Trial subscription


Full subscription gives access to all topics, sections and links for one year. This is by far the best value as resources are constantly being added to and upgraded. Full subscribers have access to these additions the minute they are released
Current subscription for 1 year $2420 inc AU GST

Group subscription gives access to all topics, sections and links as a full subscription.  This discounted subscription is designed for groups of schools or associations with a collective minimum of 3000 students. Subscription cost is on a per student basis. This is a  cost effective alternative for smaller schools with less than 1000 students to form an alliance with other schools for a lower subscription cost per school.
Current cost is $2.40 per student with minimum cost of $720 per year inc AU GST

Trial subscriptions are by application and conditions apply.  Trial subscriptions have unrestricted access to the resources and additions for 30 days during the trial period.

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