Category Code Topic
Reference and IT 5800 Computer Network Security
Reference and IT 30000 Reference Library
Reference and IT 70000 English Language Newspapers
Reference and IT 70579 Royalty-free online materials for educational use  
Reference and IT 70900 Foreign Language Newspapers
Philosophy & Ethics 150000 Introduction to Psychology
Philosophy & Ethics 153000 Cognition
Philosophy & Ethics 153900 Multiple intelligences
Philosophy & Ethics 154000 Altered States of Awareness
Philosophy & Ethics 155230 Personality Theories
Philosophy & Ethics 155250 Developmental Psychology
Philosophy & Ethics 158200 Social cognition
Philosophy & Ethics 170994 Australia: Ethical Issues
Philosophy & Ethics 171100 Ethics: Religious aspects
Philosophy & Ethics 179300 Animal Rights and Animal Welfare
Philosophy & Ethics 180000 Ancient Greek Philosophy
Philosophy & Ethics 181110 China: Philosophy and Religion
Philosophy & Ethics 190000 Renaissance Philosophy
Philosophy & Ethics 194000 French Philosophers of the Enlightenment
Religions 218000 Search for Meaning: Religious Viewpoints
Religions 220994 Christian Denominations in Australia
Religions 221920 Old Testament: Biography 
Religions 221920 Old Testament: Women 
Religions 225092 New Testament: Biography
Religions 226000 The Gospels
Religions 230000 Christianity
Religions 261009 Founders of Christian Organisations and Movements
Religions 261570 Portraits of Jesus: 20th-21st Centuries
Religions 266009 Christian Missionaries
Religions 270092 Famous Christians
Religions 270600 The Reformation
Religions 271000 Catholic Religious Orders and Communities
Religions 290000 World Religions
Religions 290001 Cults and Sects
Religions 291209 Christian Theologians
Religions 291240 Creation stories 
Religions 291351 Religious pilgrimages
Religions 294300 Buddhism
Religions 294500 Hinduism
Religions 296000 Judaism
Religions 297000 Islam
Reference and IT 303483 Computers: Social aspects
Social Sciences 302330 Group and Crowd Behaviour
Social Sciences 303484 Political Reformers of the 20th-21st Centuries
Social Sciences 303600 Cultural and Racial Conflicts
Social Sciences 303625 International terriorism
Social Sciences 304600 World Population 
Australian Society 304609 Australia: Population Issues
Australian Society 304894 Multicultural Australia
Social Sciences 305420 Women's Movements
Australian Society 305594 Australia: Social Stratification
Australian Society 306079 Australian Aboriginals: Contemporary Issues
Social Sciences 306080 Indigenous Cultures
Australian Society 306089 Australian Aboriginals: Traditional Culture
Social Sciences 306100 Youth Subcultures and Fashion 
Social Sciences 306700 Gender Studies 
Social Sciences 306897 Inuit
Social Sciences 322100 USA: Neo-Conservative politics 
Modern World History 323409 The American Civil Rights Movement
Modern World History 325300 New Imperialism and Decolonisation
Modern World History 327940 Australia: Foreign Policy
Geography 327940 Australia: Regional & Global Context
Geography 330917 Developing Countries
Australian Society 331994 Australia: Industrial Relations
Social Sciences 333000 Global environmental issues 
Social Sciences 333700 Environmental Economics
Australian Society 333709 Australia: Environmental Issues
Social Sciences 333780 National Parks and Wilderness Areas
Social Sciences 333790 Energy Resources
Social Sciences 333954 Wildlife conservation: Africa
Social Sciences 337000 Globalisation
Australian Society 337400 Australia in the Global Economy
Social Sciences 338040 Entrepreneurs, International
Australian Society 338494 Entrepreneurs, Australian
Social Sciences 338542 Great Depression and the New Deal
Social Sciences 339010 Economic Systems
Australian Society 340309 Australia: Law
Social Sciences 340500 World Legal Systems
Modern World History 341230 The United Nations
Australian Society 342940 Australia: Legal System
Australian Society 342941 Tort Law
Australian Society 346940 Family Law: Australia
Australian Society 361994 Australia: Social Issues
Social Sciences 363119 Occupational Health and Safety
Social Sciences 363192 Food Safety
Chemistry and Earth Sciences 363348 Australia: Natural Hazards 
Social Sciences 363728 Recycling
Social Sciences 363738 Asia: Global warming
Australian Society 370994 Education in Australia: History
Social Sciences 371821 Boys’ Education
Social Sciences 390000 Rituals and Ceremonies
Social Sciences 398450 Super-heroes
Social Sciences 711500 Urban environments
Languages 403000 Language Dictionaries
Languages 420000 English Language
Languages 430000 German Language and Culture
Languages 448000 France: Language and Culture
Languages 458000 Italy: Language and Culture
Languages 495100 China: Language and Culture
Languages 495600 Japan: Language and Culture
Languages 495922 Vietnam: Language and Culture
Languages 499221 Indonesia: Language and Culture
Maths, Astronomy and Physics 509220 Australian & New Zealand Scientists
Maths, Astronomy and Physics 510000 Advanced Mathematics
Maths, Astronomy and Physics 512000 Algebra
Maths, Astronomy and Physics 513000 Number
Maths, Astronomy and Physics 516000 Geometry
Maths, Astronomy and Physics 519000 Probability
Maths, Astronomy and Physics 519500 Statistics
Maths, Astronomy and Physics 520992 Astronomers and Astrophysicists
Maths, Astronomy and Physics 523000 Astronomy
Maths, Astronomy and Physics 523400 The Planets
Maths, Astronomy and Physics 530922 Physicists
Maths, Astronomy and Physics 531300 Motion
Maths, Astronomy and Physics 534000 Sound
Maths, Astronomy and Physics 535000 Light
Chemistry and Earth Sciences 540000 Fundamentals of Chemistry
Chemistry and Earth Sciences 540922 Chemists
Maths, Astronomy and Physics 551210 Volcanoes
Maths, Astronomy and Physics 551220 Earthquakes
Maths, Astronomy and Physics 551415 Deserts
Maths, Astronomy and Physics 551600 Weather and Climate
Life Sciences 570922 Biologists
Life Sciences 574000 World Biomes
Maths, Astronomy and Physics 574526 Highest Mountains
Life Sciences 574529 Endangered Species in Australia
Life Sciences 576820 Human evolution 
Life Sciences 576840 Mass Extinctions
Life Sciences 577180 Introduced species in Australia
Life Sciences 577340 Rainforests
Life Sciences 577680 Wetlands
Life Sciences 578680 Endangered Species  
Life Sciences 580120 Plant Classification
Life Sciences 580994 Australia: Flora
Life Sciences 581100 Plant Physiology
Life Sciences 581700 Plant Habitats
Life Sciences 581993 New Zealand: Vegetation
Life Sciences 591510 Animal behaviour
Life Sciences 591993 New Zealand: Wildlife
Life Sciences 591994 Australian Wildlife
Life Sciences 612000 The Human Body
Life Sciences 612092 Notable Doctors and Nurses: Biographies
Life Sciences 612647 Drugs and foetal development
Life Sciences 612093 Biomechanics of Sport
Life Sciences 613043 Health Issues for young adults
Life Sciences 613280 Sports nutrition
Life Sciences 613423 Men's Health
Life Sciences 613710 Participation in physical activity
Life Sciences 614100 Forensic Science
Maths, Astronomy and Physics 615800 Nuclear Medicine
Life Sciences 616390 Nutritional Disorders
Life Sciences 616900 Infectious Diseases
Life Sciences 617102 Sports injuries
Life Sciences 618178 Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART)
Maths, Astronomy and Physics 621000 Engines
Chemistry and Earth Sciences 621312 Batteries: Chemistry
Maths, Astronomy and Physics 621811 Simple Machines
Chemistry and Earth Sciences 628162 Water purification
Chemistry and Earth Sciences 628530 Air Pollution
Chemistry and Earth Sciences 629229 Autonomous Ground Vehicles
Maths, Astronomy and Physics 629287 Car Safety: Physics
Geography 630994 Australia: Agriculture
Life Sciences 641560 Hospitality: Special dietary needs
Life Sciences 641590 International cookery
Life Sciences 658300 Human Resource Management
Life Sciences 658800 Marketing
Chemistry and Earth Sciences 660282 New Materials
Chemistry and Earth Sciences 660283 Equilibrium processes 
Life Sciences 660650 Genetic Engineering
Chemistry and Earth Sciences 663200 Chemistry of wine
Art, Music & Sports 670000 Manual Arts and Science Projects
Art, Music & Sports 702810 Art: Mixed-media and composites
Art, Music & Sports 704946 Art as social commentary
Art, Music & Sports 709047 Land Art
Art, Music & Sports 709059 Australian Art: Contemporary 
Art, Music & Sports 709200 Artists: 20th-21st centuries 
Art, Music & Sports 709405 Abstract Expressionism
Art, Music & Sports 711500 Urban environments
Maths, Astronomy and Physics 720472 Architecture: Passive design
Maths, Astronomy and Physics 728900 Building a home extension
Maths, Astronomy and Physics 728930 Building a deck
Art, Music & Sports 741500 Cartoon art
Art, Music & Sports 741600 Graphic design 
Art, Music & Sports 745200 Industrial design
Art, Music & Sports 759054 French Impressionist Art
Art, Music & Sports 759056 Post Impressionist Art
Art, Music & Sports 759062 Surrealism in Art
Art, Music & Sports 759063 Cubist Painting
Art, Music & Sports 759064 Fauvism
Art, Music & Sports 759065 Expressionist Art
Art, Music & Sports 759944 Australian Art: Colonial Artists
Art, Music & Sports 759945 Australian Art: The Heidelberg School
Art, Music & Sports 759994 Australian Art: 20th Century Painters
Art, Music & Sports 770920 Photography and Photographers: Black and White 
Art, Music & Sports 780932 Music of the Baroque Period
Art, Music & Sports 780933 Music of the Classical Period
Art, Music & Sports 780934 Music of the Romantic Period
Art, Music & Sports 781669 Rock and Popular Music, Australian 
Art, Music & Sports 781689 Composers, Australian 
Art, Music & Sports 791436 Film Genres
Art, Music & Sports 791439 Films: Auteurs and Directors
Art, Music & Sports 792090 Western Theatre History
Art, Music & Sports 792780 Dance: Tap
Art, Music & Sports 793319 Dance: Folk
Art, Music & Sports 796010 Sociology of Sport
Art, Music & Sports 796045 Adapted sports and games
Art, Music & Sports 796080 National sports
Art, Music & Sports 796357 Softball: Skills Acquistion
Art, Music & Sports 796480 Olympic Games
Art, Music & Sports 796994 Sports in Australia
Art, Music & Sports 797010 Sports Psychology
Literature 808135 War Poetry
Literature 808510 Public Speaking
Literature 808520 Eloit, Thomas Stearns 1888-1965
Literature 808540 Plath, Sylvia 1932-1963
Literature 809200 Theatre of the Absurd
Literature 811500 American Poets: 19th-20th Centuries
Literature 812540 Williams, Tennessee: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof 
Literature 813500 Fitzgerald, F. Scott: The Great Gatsby
Literature 813540 Salinger, J.D. : The Catcher in the Rye
Literature 813550 Lee, Harper: To Kill a Mockingbird
Literature 821700 Romantic Poetry
Literature 821800 British Poets: 19th-20th Centuries 
Literature 821910 British Poets: 20th-21st Centuries 
Literature 822304 Shakespeare, William: The Merchant of Venice
Literature 822330 Shakespeare, William
Literature 822344 Shakespeare, William: King Lear 
Literature 822345 Shakespeare, William: Romeo and Juliet
Literature 822800 Wilde, Oscar: Importance of Being Earnest
Literature 823087 Science Fiction
Literature 823600 Austen, Jane: Sense and Sensibility 
Literature 823601 Austen, Jane: Emma
Literature 823700 Dickens, Charles: A Tale of Two Cities
Literature 823800 British Novelists:19th Century 
Literature 823900 British Novelists:20th Century 
Literature 823912 Conrad, Joseph: Heart of Darkness
Literature 828100 Australian Poets: 20th Century 
Literature 828101 Australian Poets: Contemporary 
Literature 828200 Australian Drama
Literature 828300 Australian Novelists: 20th Century 
Literature 828301 Australian Novelists: Contemporary 
Literature 828302 Carey, Peter: Works
Literature 828303 Winton, Tim: Works
Literature 828303 Gleitzman, Morris: Once
Literature 828304 Zusak, Markus
Literature 828304 Allende, Isabel: The House of Spirits
Literature 880000 Classical Greek Literature 
Ancient & Medieval History 909070 Middle Ages
Modern World History 909400 The Age of Discovery
Modern World History 909410 The Renaissance
Modern World History 909825 The Cold War
Modern World History 909830 World Powers
Geography 910200 Wonders of the World
Geography 914400 France: Regional Geography
Geography 915100 China: 21st Century
Geography 919400 Rural Australia
Geography 919401 Australian geography: Physical environment
Geography 919402 Australian geography: Human environment
Geography 919600 Australia’s Island Neighbours
Geography 919890 Antarctica
Geography 920943 Queensland: Biography
Ancient & Medieval History 930120 Stone Ages
Ancient & Medieval History 931000 China: Ancient Civilization
Ancient & Medieval History 931040 China: Prehistoric & Bronze Age 
Ancient & Medieval History 932000 Egypt: Ancient Civilization
Ancient & Medieval History 934000 India: Ancient Civilisation
Ancient & Medieval History 935000 Mesopotamian Civilizations
Ancient & Medieval History 935001 Mesopotamia: Sumeria
Ancient & Medieval History 935040 Mesopotamia: The Babylonia
Ancient & Medieval History 936000 Europe: Ancient Peoples
Ancient & Medieval History 937020 Rome: Republic
Ancient & Medieval History 937060 Rome: Empire
Ancient & Medieval History 938000 Greece: Ancient History
Ancient & Medieval History 938040 Greece: Ancient Civilisation
Ancient & Medieval History 940180 The Crusades
Modern World History 940280 Unification of Germany and Italy
Modern World History 940320 World War 1: Causes
Modern World History 940521 Hitler and the Outbreak of World War II
Modern World History 940531 World War 2: Social aspects
Modern World History 942062 The English Revolution
Modern World History 942073 Industrial Revolution: Britain
Modern World History 943086 Hitler's Germany 
Modern World History 944040 French Revolution
Modern World History 947084 Russian Revolution
Modern World History 947085 Stalin’s Russia
Ancient & Medieval History 949502 Byzantine Empire: Civilisation
Modern World History 951000 China: Modern History
Ancient & Medieval History 951794 Mongol Empire: Civilisation
Ancient & Medieval History 952020 Japan:  Medieval
Modern World History 952030 Japan:  Modern History
Modern World History 954000 India:  Modern History
Modern World History 955040 Iran
Modern World History 956000 Israel
Ancient & Medieval History 956015 Ottoman Empire: Civilisation
Modern World History 956704 Iraq: History 
Modern World History 956743 Iraq War 2003-
Modern World History 958100 Afghanistan
Modern World History 959603 Khmer Empire
Modern World History 959604 Cambodia: Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge
Modern World History 959704 Vietnam Wars: History
Modern World History 959800 Indonesia: History
Modern World History 961000 North African States
Modern World History 967000 West African States
Modern World History 966000 Central African States
Modern World History 968000 Southern African States
Modern World History 968000 South Africa: History
Modern World History 970100 Native Americans: Contemporary Issues
Ancient & Medieval History 972009 Pre-Columbian Civilizations of Latin America
Modern World History 973049 Native Americans of USA: Traditional
Modern World History 973200 Colonial America 1607-1775
Modern World History 973300 American Revolution
Modern World History 993000 New Zealand History
Australian History 994000 Aboriginal Australians since 1788
Australian History 994020 Australia to Federation
Australian History 994032 Australia: Federation 
Australian History 994040 Australia: 1900s
Australian History 994041 Australia: 1910s
Australian History 994042 Australia: 1920s
Australian History 994043 Australia: 1930s
Australian History 994044 Australia at War
Australian History 994050 Australia: 1940s
Australian History 994051 Australia: 1950s
Australian History 994060 Australia: 1960s
Australian History 994062 Australia: 1970s
Australian History 994064 Australia: 1980s
Australian History 994065 Australia: 1990s
Australian History 994071 Australia: 2000s
Australian History 994070 Australia: 2010s
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