Library Webs give students and teachers the unfair advantage with online educational Internet resources

Library Webs provide an online educational learning tool in the form of an Internet Library of thousands of carefully selected links. The database is arranged in Dewey order in topics with sub-sections. Users can search the database on a keyword search basis, or through a topic menu. Topic subjects have been chosen to relate directly to assignment topics in Australian secondary schools.

Library Webs provide Australian students and teachers with a choice of resources, which cater for the wide variety of learning styles and learning abilities found in secondary schools.  Newspaper and magazine articles, radio and television transcripts, maps, websites from government, commercial and academic sources are arranged in topics and sections to assist students with assignment research. A resource of this kind  has not been available before - it is much more than just a database. Students are able to see how a historical period has unfolded or how various issues relate to each other. They are able to gain a broad overview of a subject while also concentrating on specific aspects, if required.

Library Webs assist students to learn independently. Students are guided to sites which have been selected for their quality, accuracy, reliability and relevance. Students  have room to explore topics broadly or to study in depth. The sites presented by Library Webs are always in context, so students are aware of how their facet of study fits into the broader framework of the subject.

Students using Library Webs have immediate access to relevant, reliable Internet resources and are able to stay focused on their learning outcomes, without the distraction of all the extraneous material which clutters up the Internet. The days of fossicking around the Net trying to find decent sites are over. The dross has been sifted out and only the best sites are presented.

Library Webs are constantly being updated and upgraded. Sites are regularly checked for currency. New sections and topics are constantly being added as global events unfold and as new issues become topical.

Library Webs resources can be used as a support to study units or as the central focus to a unit of work. Because of the division of each topic into sections, Library Webs provide a unique set of resources for group work, and offers a scaffolding tool for in-depth study.

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